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Protect, Transform and Improve at the same time: the perfect solution

One of the superpowers of Biochar is that it sequesters carbon emissions. At the same time that it protects us from climate change, it allows us to capture that carbon for the soils. In this way, the carbon remains in the ground, so it directly improves the fertility of soils and the quality of plants and food.


Due to ARTi’s efficient, cutting-edge pyrolysis process technology, we can lock the carbon that the plants sequestered through photosynthesis. Through the pyrolysis process, the carbon is rearranged in a highly stable form that does not break down and lasts for hundreds of years or longer. Biochar is able to safely store carbon in the ground and thereby remove it from the atmosphere for hundreds of years. This creates a carbon sink as more carbon is absorbed every year by the plants and is not released when we pyrolyze. Effectively reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. 

It is more than 100% Planet Friendly

It the way to achieve the victory against climate change