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Buying textiles without heating the Planet is possible!

Small changes that make a difference!
The fashion industry is the second most polluting after oil.

These shirts are Carbon Neutral… what does it mean?
Through an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) we calculate the environmental impact generated by producing a t-shirt: from the cotton harvest, to industrialization, manufacturing, transportation and commercialization until it reaches the consumer.

Through the production of Biochar, a Carbon Negative technology, we sequester the same amount of CO2 emissions, so for each purchase of a t-shirt, Biochar is donated to green projects!

Buying textiles without heating the planet is possible!
Annually, 2 billion t-shirts are sold globally.
CO2 emissions are unavoidable, but we can compensate them to reduce the impact on the environment!
If we achieve a massive transformation, we can reduce the impact of clothing on the environment!!

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