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Sequester CO2 &
Restore our soils!

Together we can do much more than sequestering Carbon Dioxide,
we can Restore Nature, bringing back life to our soils!

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Tons of CO2 Sequestered

Metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and trapped in soils.

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Sq.ft of Soil improved

Carbon is great for our soils! improves its structure and retains more nutrients and water!

The perfect opportunity to
achieve real change

We can reduce climate change in a tangible, permanent and measurable way.
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For every purchase you sequester CO2 and donate Biochar to green projects

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Current Projects

Check our top
clients & partners

Check our top
clients and partners

We have learned so much through all these years. We have been researching, learning, increasing energy efficiencies, and commercializing more ways to sequester carbon. We have developed completely new energy and product platforms, and are helping partners implement new technologies. It is truly amazing what ARTi has put together, and we are excited to help others make an impact.

Bernardo Del Campo

Bernardo Del Campo


Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been part of our daily work and pathway to success since 2013. We have been engaged in research, extension, and development efforts in pyrolysis, biochar, and advanced carbon-related technologies. Based on our vast experience we are able to claim that Biochar and our cutting-edge pyrolysis technology are the best tool to fight against climate change while being cost-effective, efficient, and acting as a soil amendment helping even more to this ongoing crisis.
ARTi’s impact has grown with an international team composed of members from Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, the US, and Uruguay with different academic backgrounds dedicated to creating a variety of biochar-based products and improving our technology day by day.

Lissette Córdova

Lissette Córdova

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We use agricultural, industrial and forestry residues such as wood chips or husks from oats, sunflower, rice, among others.

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We prevent biomass from decomposing, preventing it from release CO2 in the putrefaction process.

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Through a process called Pyrolysis we carbonize the biomass residues and transform them into a High valuable product



Biochar is donated to green projects to restore soils, increasing water and nutrient retention and good microbial life

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